Muhammad Ali portrait photo
Muhammad Ali portrait photo

Muhammad Ali was a professional boxer who is widely regarded as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. He had a record of 56 wins and 5 losses, with 37 knockouts. Ali was known for his speed, footwork, and ability to take a punch. He was also a charismatic and outspoken figure who often used his platform to speak out against racism and injustice.
Some of Ali’s most memorable fights include:
His first fight against Sonny Liston was in 1964, which he won by a knockout in the seventh round.
His rematch with Liston in 1965, which he won by a knockout in the first round.
His fight against Joe Frazier in 1971, is known as “The Fight of the Century.” Ali lost the fight by a unanimous decision.
His fight against George Foreman in 1974, is known as “The Rumble in the Jungle.” Ali won the fight by a knockout in the eighth round.
His third and final fight against Frazier was in 1975, which is known as “The Thrilla in Manila.” Ali won the fight by a technical knockout in the 15th round.
Ali holds several boxing records, including:
Most heavyweight title reigns (three).
Most consecutive heavyweight title defenses (10).
Longest combined heavyweight title reign (14 years, 255 days).
Most rounds fought in heavyweight title fights (225).
Muhammad Ali was a larger-than-life figure who transcended boxing. He was a champion in the ring and a champion for social justice outside of it. He was a role model for millions of people around the world, and his legacy will continue to inspire for generations to come.
Muhammad Ali was a truly great boxer and a remarkable human being. He was a pioneer in the sport of boxing, and he used his platform to speak out against injustice and inequality. He was a true champion, and his legacy will never be forgotten.

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