On Saturday, September 30, 2023, the world of boxing witnessed the highly-anticipated clash between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. With multiple super middleweight titles up for grabs, fans were eagerly awaiting a showdown that promised fireworks. However, the outcome left many puzzled.

Canelo Alvarez emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision with judges scoring the fight 119-108, 118-109, and 118-109 in his favor. While Canelo retained his titles, the nature of the fight raised eyebrows.

Fight Recap

The early rounds of the bout were marked by caution, with both fighters engaging in a tactical chess match. Action was sparse, as both Canelo and Charlo carefully sized each other up.

As the fight progressed, Canelo Alvarez began to assert himself. In the second round, he targeted Jermell Charlo’s body with precision shots, showcasing his boxing acumen. Charlo, on the other hand, appeared hesitant and struggled to find his rhythm.

In the middle rounds, Canelo’s relentless assault started to take a toll on Charlo. While Charlo managed to land some combinations, they lacked the power to dissuade the determined Canelo.

In the seventh round, Canelo sent Charlo to the canvas with a powerful right straight to the face. Charlo exhibited resilience by swiftly getting up, but Canelo’s dominance remained unchallenged.

A Cautious Approach

Despite Canelo’s dominance, the fight was not without controversy. Critics argue that Charlo’s cautious approach played a significant role in the fight’s lack of intensity. Some fans anticipated a more aggressive Charlo, considering the high stakes involved.

The disappointment among fans stems from the belief that Charlo had the chance to make history but opted for a conservative strategy. This approach not only affected the excitement of the fight but also Canelo’s opportunity to face a worthy opponent.

A Mixed Reception

In the aftermath of the bout, discussions within the boxing community have been mixed. While Canelo Alvarez’s victory cements his legacy, the fight’s lack of fireworks raises questions about the overall experience. Fans expected a closer contest and a more aggressive Charlo, leaving the boxing world divided in their assessment.


The Canelo vs. Charlo encounter, while ending in victory for Canelo, has sparked discussions and debates about the fight’s dynamics. Charlo’s cautious approach and the resulting lack of intensity have left fans with mixed feelings. Ultimately, the fight will be remembered for the missed opportunity to deliver the expected excitement and drama.

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