Cleto Reyes USA Inc. was born on July 30, 2010 thanks to its president Guillermo Moreno who had the vision of bringing the best brand that produces the best boxing products (Cleto Reyes) to the North American market.
Currently, Cleto Reyes USA Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Cleto Reyes brand for the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.
The corporate offices and physical stores are located in San Diego California, 8684 Avenida de la Fuente Suite #1, 92154 where fans and athletes can purchase our products and live the Cleto Reyes USA experience. In our store, we have a full range of models and colors of all our products. Our official websites and are focused on providing the best customer experience, to reach the entire community of boxing enthusiasts, contact sports and fitness lovers, we offer our Marketplace at
In addition, Cleto Reyes USA Inc. has an extensive network of distributors in the USA, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia.
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