Cleto Reyes Home Gym

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Home Gym

Tough steel structure with four training station and three items; speed bag platform, heavy bag and double end bag. Facilitates the ability to build custom workouts. Excellent for home and reduced spaces, save space and emphasize on the most important boxing techniques. Available with or without equipment, required space is 32 sq. fit. and 8 ft. of heigth.

The equiped Home Gym includes:

  • Large Cowhide Heavy Bags (Size L): Large Cowhide Heavy Bags: Designed with the finest craftsmanship and highest quality material, handmade from Mexico. Manufactured under the strictest conditions in leather and all materials. Made from cowhide leather, to provide long durability and the best punching absorbency without making any damage. These heavy bags provide extraordinary muscle strengthening while increasing condition, endurance, and mobility.


  • Professional Speed Bag Platform with High Precision adjustment: The easy continuous adjustment makes it the best platform on the market. Avoiding all vibrations and adapted to the height needed, up to 16” range. This new platform allows an exact fit tailored to the user and features an attractive red and silver design. It can be opened with a 2” tube, 1½” and 24” diameter wood disc, weighing 26.5 pounds.


  • Double End Bag: This Cleto Reyes bag has a well-defined detail that helps improve reflexes and strategy on each hit. Designed to focus on coordination and precision with the jab and hook punches (specify color).


  • Speed Bag for platforms: The Cleto Reyes Speed Bags have a well-defined detail that helps improve reflexes and coordination on each hit. These bags are specifically made to improve skills for strategy and instinctive while also increasing punch speed (specify color and size).


  • Aluminum Swivel For Speed Bag: Aluminum Swivel For Speed Bag, with a bearing that allows an excellent rotation; shackle and bolt manufactured in stainless steel.


  • Speed Bag and Heavy Bag Swivel: Made from steel. The swivels are designed for a smoother ball bearing mechanism and an optimum swing of the speed bag or heavy bag. Easy to attach or remove speed bag and heavy bags.


  • Speed Bag Elastic Band: Used with double end speed bags to be able to mount them at the floor and ceiling. The speed bag elastic band will provide you the best security without worrying about the speed bags falling, it also guarantees a better movement and thanks to this you will be able to train as hard as you can.


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