Marcos Duran

“I used the Mexican speed bag by Cleto Reyes and it´s wonderful durable, great bounce and tons of fun.”


“I love my Cleto Reyes gloves, honestly have never had a glove fit better and the fact they are made in Mexico makes it so much better.”


“Cleto Reyes are the only gloves I´ve ever used where they protect your hands to the max! I´ve never injured my hand with the heavy fast shots!”


“When it’s sparring day, nothing comes close to Cleto Reyes. Always provide good hand protection and knuckle impact.”

Dylan Foster

“Just started a month and a half ago and I love the gloves so much!”


“The best boxing gloves of the last 10 years, the are so beautiful.”


“No debate best gloves in boxing history always gets me right.”


“Have the 16oz gloves for sparring and they’re the best gloves I’ve had so far not bulky and hook & loop keeps my hands secure for 10+ rounds.”