Who is next for Canelo?

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Who is next for Canelo?

This Saturday 17th we watched the fight of the month, Canelo VS Smith.  A lot a comments say that it was basically not a good match to put these two fighter together, but at the end of the day we still wanted to see what happened and get to know a little more of Liam Smith.

During the fight it was noticeable that Smith couldn’t keep with the movements and speed of Saul Alvarez. Smith trapped Canelo against the ropes a few times and when we thought things were going better for him Alvarez blasts back with some good punches that sent Smith to the canvas a few times.

Smith did throw good punches, but in round 8 he went down to the ground again after a series of uppercuts that Alvarez connected. Canelo saw the opportunity of doing some body shots and look for the KO. In round 9 Canelo started dominating even more and made a great body shot that for the last time made Smith go to the floor with a lot of pain, after just a few seconds the referee called the fight over and Canelo won by KO.

But now, what is next for Canelo? Is it Genady Golovkin GGG like everyone is expecting? He said at the end of the fight that he didn’t fear anyone and he also made a few statements regarding some offers that were made to GGG. What we all know is that we want to see that fight happened soon.

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