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This weekend we were present in a lot of good fights! You missed them?

Here’s a quick update!

Yazmín ‘Rusita’ Rivas  VS Jessica ‘Magnífica’ González

After the firsts rounds Rusita started to get noticed with some great punches, some good left and straight punches.  He already had a cut in her eyebrow but that didn’t stop her and at the end of the 10 round she won by unanimous decision.

Daniela Romina “Bonita“ Bermúdez VS Mariana “Barby“ Juárez

This two great fighters gave her all on the ring on all 10 rounds! The battle consisted in very fast movements, legs, feet and fast punches. Both boxers had a great style and condition and after 10 explosive rounds the winner of this match was Daniela ‘’Bonita’’ from Argentina.

Miguel ‘’Escorpion’’ Marriga VS Guy Robb

After 6 great rounds Columbian Miguel ‘’Scorpian’’ won the vacant of the featherweight NABO Championship with an excited and suprising TKO.