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When we witness a match, our eyes dance around the two opponents, the punches and the sweat but we rarely notice the referee, the man who knows by first hand what’s really going on inside the ring, the man who can stop the fight if he seems that is necessary.  Love him or hate him, the referee plays a crucial role in every match.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notables referees:

Kenny Bayless (1950). Born in Nevada, he’s been the referee of many notable fights like Hopkins vs De La Hoya, Cotto Vs. Margarito, Pacquiao vs Hatton, Mayweather vs Canelo, etc. He has received criticism for being a little too considerate with Floyd Mayweather; if chosen as the referee for McGregor’s debut against Mayweather, he would’ve objected to the Nevada State Athletic Comission.

Ruby Goldstein (1907). Born in New York, he was a professional boxer during the 20’s. He served time in the army and got back to the United States becoming a prominent referee. He received mixed reactions in the world welterweight championship fight between Benny Kid Parret vs. Emile Griffith. Paret was badly beaten and was knocked out in the 12th round. Some consider Goldstein should’ve intervened and stopped the fight sooner because Parret died 10 days later from brain injuries.

Mills Lane. (1937). Born in Georgia, Mills Lane was a professional boxer, referee and t.v. personality. He became a boxing icon when he refereed the “Bite Fight” of Tyson vs. Holyfield, he even sold the bloody shirt to a memorabilia collector.  Many years later he became a real judge and had a reality court show called “Judge Mills Lane”, he also allowed MTV’s Celebrity Deadmatch to use his voice and character with his iconic catchphrase “Let’s get it on”.

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