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The Out-Boxer

There are different boxing styles that are generally accepted. The boxer has a natural tendency to gravitate towards a specific style but it can actually change over the years. This time we’re gonna talk about the out-boxer technique.

This is a traditional style of boxing, and it is often called just plain “boxer” and it is definitely one of the most enjoyable techniques to watch as an aficionado. The boxer keeps a gap and stays outside the ring, throwing longer punches, they’re the exact opposite of a swarmer who is aggressive and overwhelming with his opponent.

Probably the most famous out-boxer is Muhammad Ali who weared his opponents down leading to a soft victory.

Here are some ways you can identify this style and get to know if you yourself are a out-boxer.

  1. You take your time to identify your opponent’s style
  2. You like to maintain distance from your opponent
  3. You make long range punches.
  4. You’re quick on your feet
  5. You stay outside, come in throwing a few punches, and step back
  6. Your punches are calculated and constant.

Remember no boxer is married to a single style throughout his career. You can learn what’s best for you, practice, study your opponent  and achieve victory.

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