The Importance of the Boxing Shoe

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For beginners the shoe you use while boxing doesn’t diminish or improve your technique, because shoes are just shoes, right? Well, there is lot of people who don’t think that way. The shoe fulfills more tasks than just be comfortable. Maybe people are turn off at the beginning because a boxing shoe is rather expensive in comparison with any other kind of sport shoe made for other disciplines like basketball or just for running, so they just go with any kind. So, what can a boxing shoe offer in contrast with a regular sport shoe?

For starters the boxing shoes are designed to give you stability, a firmer grip to prevent your feet sliding, and at the same time allow you to pivot. Boxing shoes also should provide you with comfort and they are specially build around the sole to give you that, thicker or thinner sole preference vary from person to person, but the point is that they need to give you a solid stand. The weight is very important as well which also depends on preference, each boxer know how much weight is appropriate for them, but the goal is to combine agility and power. Finally, the ankle support; as everybody know boxing is very demanding on your body: changing directions, jumping and receiving hits; all these things can really take a toll on your ankles, so this characteristic is a lot about security too as is for been practical.

So where do you find boxing shoes that fit your taste? Most if not all major brands have their own version. Most people gravitate to the most popular one for good reason but for a good decision I recommend trying most of these major brands to see which is the best fit for you.