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We’ve all seen that squared rope delimited area where the boxing match takes place, and it’s definitely not in a shape of a ring, is it? Well it used to be.

Back in the day, the combats took place in any plain land traced with a circle. The modern ring we know, was introduced in 1838 the Pugilistic Society and it’s stayed almost the same to this day.

Inside this 24 feet square, men have been made and destroyed. The corner of the rings have seen more sweat and blood than any other sport; the trainer, the cutman, all representing the support a boxer needs to continue his fight.

Ever since the first televised match in 1933, the audience for a boxing encounter raised and the expectations for a fierce fight increased, delivering a 12 round match filled with power and strength leaving the viewers with a sense of glory they can only  experience from a great fight.

The ring -a silent viewer- has evolved but a constant has always remained: a man’s determination meets another man’s determination battling for more than a title. It’s a triumph for status, recognition and respect. It’s a feeling of bruised flesh and victorious soul only a boxer can get.

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