Cleto Reyes Essential No-Sweel

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Cleto Reyes Essential No-Swell Boxing Tool

Is an essential tool used for a quick reduction of swelling in different areas of the body. The Steel No-swell traditionally maintains chilled and reduces swelling while applying it firmly with pressure. For boxers’ is especially used in areas around the eyes, where swelling can impair vision. This No-Swell tool can be helpful to improve the fighter’s performance because it would allow them to relax and have a wider vision once the swelling has lowered. Perfect for professional fighters.

  • Reduces bruising and swelling when applied to skin. Used in MMA, Boxing and Everyday Injuries
  • Keep in the freezer at home or gym, or in ice cooler at an event Iron compress surface. Slightly curved to target injury
  • Rubber handle shields hand from cold and adds comfort. Used by professional Cut Men


 WARNING: California Proposition 65

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