May Mayhem: The Greatest Boxing Matches in May History

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The Month of May and Boxing

May is a month of transition, as spring gives way to summer, and in the world of boxing, May has also been a month of transition, featuring some of the most legendary fights in the history of the sport. From the historic “Fight of the Century” to unforgettable knockouts, the month of May has given us some of the most thrilling moments in boxing history.

May 25, 1965: Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston II

The rematch between Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston, which took place on May 25, 1965, is one of the most controversial and memorable fights in boxing history. In their first match, Ali had shocked the world by defeating the seemingly invincible Liston, but the rematch was even more dramatic.

As soon as the bell rang, Liston charged at Ali, trying to end the fight quickly. But Ali’s speed and agility allowed him to dodge Liston’s punches and counter with his own, eventually knocking Liston out with a “phantom punch” that has been the subject of controversy and debate ever since.


May 8, 1987: Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Marvelous Marvin Hagler

The fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvelous Marvin Hagler, which took place on May 8, 1987, was another unforgettable moment in boxing history. Leonard, who had retired from boxing for three years, came back to face Hagler, who was the undisputed middleweight champion at the time.

The fight was a clash of styles, with Leonard relying on his speed and footwork, and Hagler using his power and relentless aggression. The two fighters exchanged blows for 12 rounds, with neither giving an inch. In the end, Leonard won by a split decision, becoming the new middleweight champion and solidifying his place as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

May 20, 1969: Nino Benvenuti vs. Emile Griffith III

The third fight between Nino Benvenuti and Emile Griffith, which took place on May 20, 1969, was a dramatic and emotional moment in boxing history. In their first two fights, each fighter had won one bout, and the third fight was the tiebreaker.

Benvenuti came into the fight as the reigning world middleweight champion, but Griffith was determined to win. The two fighters exchanged blows for 15 rounds, with each landing powerful punches that left the other bruised and bloodied. In the end, Griffith won by a unanimous decision, becoming the new middleweight champion and cementing his legacy as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Cleto Reyes Gloves and the May Boxing Matches

Throughout these legendary fights, one thing remained constant: the use of Cleto Reyes gloves, which are widely regarded as the finest boxing gloves in the world. With their superior quality and durability, these gloves have become a symbol of excellence and a testament to the greatness of those who wear them.

Whether it was Muhammad Ali’s “phantom punch,” Sugar Ray Leonard’s quick footwork, or Emile Griffith’s relentless determination, Cleto Reyes gloves allowed these boxers to perform at their best, delivering their trademark punches with maximum force and accuracy. In the world of boxing, May will always be remembered as a month of mayhem and excitement, and Cleto Reyes gloves will always be a part of that legacy.