Kell Brook heavier than GGG

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Kell Brook again heavier than GGG at the last 7-day pre weight in

From his training camp on Sheffield  Kell Brook weight a 167.8 lbs meanwhile GGG reports 162.9 from Big Bear Ca. This is the final pre weight in check before the official one is in 7 days, let’s mention that back in August 10 at the 30 day weight in, Brook hit the scale at 176 lbs against GGG’s 165.

Regarding this fight, on recent days the WBA’s president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza inform that the WBA Belt will not be on dispute for this fight due the fact that Brook jump 2 weight divisions, and the organism considers this a risky move.

“What we regret the most at the WBA, is that there is no one at the 160 lbs  willing to face GGG and the fact that a 147 lbs   jump up two divisions to do it, is very bad” declares Gilberto Mendoza, WBA president.