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Boxing is a really difficult sport is not all about strength and technique is also about physical condition: ENDURANCE!

One of the first things you need to increase your endurance when fighting is…

CARDIO: You need to make your heart beat faster to pump more blood to your system, this will increase your body’s oxygen absorption and that’s what your muscles need. It will help you to not run out of breath so quickly and to perform better because you will have more energy.

TECHNIQUE: We cannot forget this part, technique is fundamental. If you do the right movements if will save you energy. Technique will allow you to have better and stronger punches because you will know when to apply each movement with more precision.

MUSCLE MEMORY: It’s really simple, the more time you spend practicing a movement it gets easier and easier. If you have muscle memory your brain will store all those repeated movements that you’ve been practicing. That’s why you train all your punches, you do shadow boxing and more to get your body use to every movement.

One of the keys to success is start doing more with less, you need to save energy to prevent getting tired so soon.

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