Golovkin VS Brook review

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Was it really worth this fight for Brook?

For many the result of GGG vs Special K fight was much anticipated, it was matter of time for GGG to show his power punches over Brook, on the very first round Brook got hurt badly and for a second some of us thought that the fight will not last longer than the second round, but in exchange we meet a very brave Kell Brook who we all saw by moments trading punches toe to toe against Golovkin, and expose that lack of defense he had. At the end happened what many people were thinking GGG won the fight.

Dominic Ingle did the right thing by stopping the fight, I could have been worst; at the end of the day a broken orbital bone will put Brook out of action for several months. Do you think the risk of moving up two divisions and facing GGG was really worth it?  Much respect for the very brave Brook and for his corner.

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