Fight Between Canelo and Triple GGG

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Fight Between Canelo Triple GGG You Didn’t Know About

Before their September 15th fight last year, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin had already faced each other on a previous occasion. The sparring bout occurred in 2011 when Canelo was preparing to fight Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

The Ring Magazine was present for the sparring session that summer day in Big Bear, California, and reported how both fighters landed strong punches from the very first round. Canelo finished the round with a massive blow on GGG, but the Kazakhstani boxer just laughed it off.

When they started the second, Golovkin came back stronger, landing a heavy hook to Alvarez’s liver. Triple G continued to dominate throughout the third and fourth round, with Canelo failing to throw any jabs and forgetting to bob and weave.

Whenever the Mexican boxer tried hitting his opponent, Golovkin effectively dodged and blocked the punches, and countered intelligently. Canelo’s tactic kept worsening throughout the fight, unable to land anything and his face reddening from GGG’s punches.

By the fifth round, Alvarez appeared to be tired, circling the ring with his back against the ropes. At this point, Canelo started throwing jabs again, but Triple G’s counter-hooks were too constant and powerful for the Mexican.

The sixth and final round saw Alvarez catch his second wind, staying on his toes and connecting quick 1-2 combos. After Canelo connected a firm uppercut and a solid hook, GGG started to throw combinations of his own, finishing the last minute of the fight with both fighters throwing punches relentlessly.

This 2011 bout was a glimpse at what the world would witness six years later, a close head-to-head between two fighters of high caliber. Although the 2017 fight between the two ended in a stalemate, their upcoming rematch will hopefully give the fans a proper winner.