Does the color of the glove matter?

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Through the history of boxing the gear to practice this sport keeps evolving with the progress of technology and science; all this with the goal of protecting the fighters of any major injury. One only needs to look at the center piece of boxing, the gloves, to see how far we have got.

Today the difference we spot more easily in gloves is the color. Now, this could be only the fighter preference but is it only that? Other people have asked the same question. There has been research about color psychology and how that affects human behavior. For instance, red represents aggression and power; that is why a lot of sport cars use this color as their main. Meanwhile, white represents sincerity and purity, two things that surely does not come to mind when thinking about boxing, at least not to the audience but the fighter could see themselves as in a higher state of mind or at peace when wearing white.

Of course, we must keep in mind what kind of effect the color of your gloves takes in your opponent. Does black make it more difficult to telegraph punches? Does yellow excite them to the point of precipitation and making basic mistakes but make it easier to follow your punches? Does blue intimate them?

At the end of the day what it comes down to, most likely, is preference. Still, as any sport, boxing is not only about skill or strength, it’s about emotion and our mind can easily sway our emotions.