Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day Fit For A Box-Loving Couple

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Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love and friendship. Nothing tells that special somebody how much you love them more than a date tailored to what he or she enjoys the most. If that thing is boxing, then here are a few date ideas perfect for any boxing aficionado.

5. Trampoline Park

Forget the customary movie and dinner date that everybody has lived countless of times before. Instead, shoot your adrenaline sky-high and get your heart pumping at a trampoline park. If your partner is an avid boxer, then this place will be tons of fun.

4. Rock-climbing

You don’t want to take a boxer to a sparring session on Valentine’s Day because it will get competitive and it’ll probably feel like work. However, you do want the date to be physically challenging. Hitting a rock-climbing gym is an excellent option.

3. Paintballing

There’s nothing better than the thrill of getting to shoot your significant other during a date. Not with a real weapon, of course, but with a paintball gun, instead. A couple of hours playing warfare will make for an interesting conversation during dinner.

2. Theme Park

The key to an unforgettable date is a lot of face time with the other person, which is why movie theaters just don’t cut it anymore. Go to the theme park of your choice and the long lines will allow for endless conversations. Despite not being a physically-demanding date, the adrenaline rush from rollercoasters is the next best thing.

1. Snowboarding

Drive up to the snowy mountains or an artificial snow slope to snowboard, ski, or sled. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to get close to your date, and it could very well be a new learning experience. There’s also the chance of a snowball fight occurring, and who doesn’t love those?


If you don’t feel like getting sweaty in front of your partner on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. The following ideas of what to do on this particular occasion will undoubtedly work out in your favor, as well.

Cooking Lesson – Much of a boxer’s regimen consists of eating clean and healthy, so although a cooking class may seem a bit dull, it will stick with your lover for life. Learning something new with your boyfriend or girlfriend will bring the two of you closer together. Plus, you’ll probably get home cooked meals a lot more often than before.

Spa – A boxer’s body is regularly sore and tired from training. Treating your Valentine’s date to a day at a spa will have him or her thanking you for a long time to come. After the visit, they’ll forever associate you with the feeling of relaxation.

Sunset At The Beach – The traditional date of a picnic while watching the sunset at the beach can do no harm when done correctly. Always make sure to bring enough wine and cheese to last the entire evening. If night falls and you’re still at the beach, a bonfire never fails to set a romantic tone.

Any of these date ideas make for a fun-filled day with your other half. The adrenaline rush will have your main squeeze longing to spend more time with you. As long as they’re as tough as a boxer, of course.