Cuadras VS Gonzalez review

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Cuadras VS Gonzalez fight review

We know that boxing and the fans won with this fight.  But do you agree with the judges scorecards about the Cuadras vs Gonzalez fight?

In a thrilling fight to remember these two warriors left everything on the ring. Carlos Cuadras the defending champion looking to keep his belt and add the first loss on Roman Gonzalez record, and Gonzalez also know for Chocolatito looking to make history becoming the first Nicaraguan boxer to win 4 titles in different weight classes.

Since the very beginning until the last minute of the twelve rounds the fight was pure action, back and forward punches, we could hear the chants from the crowds cheering “Mexico-Mexico” as well as the Nicaraguan fellas.

It was a fight that no one deserves to lose, and one thing we know for sure, boxing won that day, that was the kind of fight that we want to watch, that kind of effort, heart, crowd, that’s what every boxing fan asks for.

IMG_2852At the end of the fight we saw a Roman Gonzalez face that we have never seen before, we could see the struggles of the fight, which himself considerate “the most difficult” of his career, on the other hand we saw a confident Carlos Cuadras, smiling, nervous and waiting for the scorecard, everything seems normal when we heard the 115-113, but then there was a 117/111 which cause some controversy at the end.

There is no doubt that this was an amazing fight and for the good of boxing we all hope to see a rematch between this two!

For you, who won this fight?

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