Choosing your training glove?

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Many people struggle at the moment they need to choose their training gloves, but is not that hard!

With this chart you’ll be able to choose your training glove. The size and weight of your glove is going to depend on your weight, the smallest training glove available is a 12 oz. glove, if you weight between 105 and 126 lbs. this is glove is going to be perfect for you, next we have the 14 oz. gloves for weights between 130 and 154 lbs., last but not least the biggest gloves are the 16 and 18 oz. for weights of 160 lbs. or more.

It’s common to see people that sometimes gets a bigger glove and have a lower weight, or people with more weight getting a smaller glove, at the end of the day what matters is that you feel good with the glove, a recommendation that trainers usually give is that if you want to be faster you need to get a glove that is not to heavy, or if you get a bigger glove for training when you put a smaller one you would  even feel the weight because you already trained with a heavier glove.

If you want to be totally sure ask your trainer what is better for you!

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