”Chocolatito” Gonzalez VS ”Principe” Cuadras

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‘Chocolatito’ González vs. ‘Principe’ Cuadras

This Saturday 10th we will finally see this great match between Roman ”Chocolatito” and Carlos ”Principe” Cuadras. They both agree that this fight is one of the most important of their careers and they promise to give a great show to all fans.

Roman ”Chocolatito” is looking for his 4th world title in different divisions, he admits that is going to be a tuff fight but he will give everything to win.

Carlos Cuadras is risking his title for the 7th time, but he says that he is confident on his training and he is sure that he will make history; ”I thank all the people that had made possible this fight. It’s almost time and that makes me very happy. I have worked very hard with my trainer and have a great preparation. ”

The fight will be this Saturday 10th 2016 in the Inglewood Forum where we will also see the fight between Seniesa ”Super Bad” Estrada and Nancy ”Chatita” Franco.

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