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Cuadras VS Gonzalez fight review

We know that boxing and the fans won with this fight.  But do you agree with the judges scorecards about the Cuadras vs Gonzalez fight?

In a thrilling fight to remember these two warriors left everything on the ring. Carlos Cuadras the defending champion looking to keep his belt and add the first loss on Roman Gonzalez record, and Gonzalez also know for Chocolatito looking to make history becoming the first Nicaraguan boxer to win 4 titles in different weight classes.

Since the very beginning until the last minute of the twelve rounds the fight was pure action, back and forward punches, we could hear the chants from the crowds cheering “Mexico-Mexico” as well as the Nicaraguan fellas.

It was a fight that no one deserves to lose, and one thing we know for sure, boxing won that day, that was the kind of fight that we want to watch, that kind of effort, heart, crowd, that’s what every boxing fan asks for.

IMG_2852At the end of the fight we saw a Roman Gonzalez face that we have never seen before, we could see the struggles of the fight, which himself considerate “the most difficult” of his career, on the other hand we saw a confident Carlos Cuadras, smiling, nervous and waiting for the scorecard, everything seems normal when we heard the 115-113, but then there was a 117/111 which cause some controversy at the end.

There is no doubt that this was an amazing fight and for the good of boxing we all hope to see a rematch between this two!

For you, who won this fight?

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Liam Smith is going to defend his WBO World Super-Welterweight Title against Canelo Alvarez this Saturday 17th.  Liam has already defended his title two times against Jimmy Kelly Jr and Pregrad Radosevic.

For Canelo Alvarez this is an opportunity to have another world title, he previously held title belts from the WBA and WBC. In Canelo’s last fight in May vs Amir Khan he thru an amazing punch to knock out Amir Khan and retained his middleweight crown.

This time Canelo is going up in weight from 154 to 160 and he says that no matter what weight a fighter is competing at, it takes hard work and dedication.

Oscar De La Hoya was asked; what does Liam Smith provide in term of helping Canelo to get ready for a potential fight with GGG? “Well, first of all, Canelo takes every fight seriously and never looks past anyone. Liam Smith is an undefeated fighter, the WBO Junior Middleweight Champion of the world, has knocked out his last eight opponents and comes from an outstanding boxing family. The plan is to face Smith – a big, bruising 154-pounder – in September, and if Canelo emerges victorious, to start making his way up to 160 pounds and fight Golovkin on equal turf (in terms of weight). ‘’

We will see what happens this Saturday, Liam Smith is very confident and prepared for this fight, and they say that he helped Amir Khan prepare for his fight vs Canelo so he already knows some insights of Canelo’s game.

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Who is next for Canelo?

This Saturday 17th we watched the fight of the month, Canelo VS Smith.  A lot a comments say that it was basically not a good match to put these two fighter together, but at the end of the day we still wanted to see what happened and get to know a little more of Liam Smith.

During the fight it was noticeable that Smith couldn’t keep with the movements and speed of Saul Alvarez. Smith trapped Canelo against the ropes a few times and when we thought things were going better for him Alvarez blasts back with some good punches that sent Smith to the canvas a few times.

Smith did throw good punches, but in round 8 he went down to the ground again after a series of uppercuts that Alvarez connected. Canelo saw the opportunity of doing some body shots and look for the KO. In round 9 Canelo started dominating even more and made a great body shot that for the last time made Smith go to the floor with a lot of pain, after just a few seconds the referee called the fight over and Canelo won by KO.

But now, what is next for Canelo? Is it Genady Golovkin GGG like everyone is expecting? He said at the end of the fight that he didn’t fear anyone and he also made a few statements regarding some offers that were made to GGG. What we all know is that we want to see that fight happened soon.

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If you have any doubts on what professional fighting gloves you need we can help you! The professional fighting gloves come in 2 ounce sizes; 8 and 10 oz. If you weight between 105 and 147 lbs you need to get an 8 oz glove and if you weight 154 lbs or more you need a 10 oz glove. Got it?

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Kovalev VS Ward is a fight that many people were waiting for, two unbeaten champions finally together. Kovalev holds the WBA, WBO and IBF belts, he has knocked out 26 of his 30 victims. On the other side we have Ward a former world super-middleweight champion, he has stopped 15 of his 30 opponents and he is great at defense.

This is one of the best fights boxing is waiting for; they are comparing the fight with the 2015 match between Pacquiao and Mayweather. Finally the fans will have what they been asking for, a fair and exciting fight!

Kovalev las fight was with Isaac Chilemba were he won by unanimous decision in his own country; Russia. And Ward’s last fight was with Alexander Brand. This will be a 50/50 fight something that we don’t see that much anymore, but we will enjoy it in November!

Are you watching?

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Many people struggle at the moment they need to choose their training gloves, but is not that hard!

With this chart you’ll be able to choose your training glove. The size and weight of your glove is going to depend on your weight, the smallest training glove available is a 12 oz. glove, if you weight between 105 and 126 lbs. this is glove is going to be perfect for you, next we have the 14 oz. gloves for weights between 130 and 154 lbs., last but not least the biggest gloves are the 16 and 18 oz. for weights of 160 lbs. or more.

It’s common to see people that sometimes gets a bigger glove and have a lower weight, or people with more weight getting a smaller glove, at the end of the day what matters is that you feel good with the glove, a recommendation that trainers usually give is that if you want to be faster you need to get a glove that is not to heavy, or if you get a bigger glove for training when you put a smaller one you would  even feel the weight because you already trained with a heavier glove.

If you want to be totally sure ask your trainer what is better for you!

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