Carlos Cuadras gloves are ready!

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We made Carlos Cuadras gloves for the fight he is having this weekend vs Roman ”Chocolatito” in Inglewood, CA.

Our gloves have been preferred by many world champions since 1945, with extra-long laces, cowhide leather and horse hair padding the gloves make a difference in every fight.

In the last fight that Carlos Cuadras had he used our gloves in metallic gray and orange combination, this time he decided to choose a metallic blue with the Mexican flag colors around the logo, his punches are for sure going to be notice.

As him we are excited to for his fight this weekend, he mentioned in previous interviews that this is one of the most important fights in his career, and he trusts in his training and hard work he has been doing with his team and trainer. We wish luck to both fighters and hope that all boxing fans enjoy this fight.

Want some metallic gloves?

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