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Have you been interested in boxing? Do you like watching the fights and wish you could be an awesome fighter too? Then let’s begin! Before you start boxing you need to consider some tips.

  1. Find yourself a coach, you can easily find him at the gym you want to go. An experienced coach or trainer will help you a lot.
  2. You need to have a balance in your workout, cardio is a very important part of boxing. Running, jumping rope, cycling and more.
  3. Eat the correct food, in any training you need to eat very well and by very well we don’t mean a lot.
  4. Safety first! Always wrap your hands when training or sparring.
  5. Get the correct gear for every workout. If you’re sparring you will need a headgear, gloves, groin protector, a mouthguard and of course some handwraps.
  6. Don’t overtrain, training way too much can be for you. Your muscles need to rest.
  7. Learn about techniques and movement, it will have you improve your fighting skills.

You’ll start to learn a lot of tricks, do’s and don’ts when you start training our last recommendation is to always follow your coach or training suggestions they are the experts. Good luck!

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