Best Halloween Costumes Worn By Top Boxers In The World, SPOILER: Floyd Is Undefeated

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Halloween is a time when everybody brings out their inner child, dresses up, and binges on sugary candy. Professional boxers are no exception when it comes to celebrating this fun-filled holiday. Check out some of the most memorable Halloween costumes worn by top world boxers!

In 2011, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. shared a picture of him wearing a redhead wig while punching a friend of his. Chavez Jr. explained on his caption that he was dressed as Saul “Canelo” Alvarez punching Ulises “Archie” Solis. After many laughs and some backlash, Chavez Jr. dressed as the Green Lantern later that night.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. dressed up as saul “Canelo” Alvarez for Halloween. 2011

Perhaps one of the most unforgettable press conferences in the world of boxing was Tyson Fury’s 2015 interview promoting his fight against Wladimir Klitschko. Fury arrived wearing a Batman costume and a man dressed as the Joker walked in with him only to get kicked out by “Tyson Batman” himself. When asked where the idea came from, Fury replied, “Who knows? But if that doesn’t sell tickets, I don’t know what will.”

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is without a doubt, hands-down, the greatest boxer to have ever dressed up for Halloween. Mayweather hasn’t missed a beat in at least five years when it comes to costumes, starting his streak by rocking a Freddy Krueger outfit alongside infamous actress Lindsay Lohan, who dressed up as a dead bride. A year later, in 2014, Floyd and his friends sported jogging suits to emulate old-school hip-hop group RUN DMC.

Mayweather Lohan Halloween
Floyd “Money” Mayweather dressed as Freddy Krueger alongside Lindsay Lohan.
Mayweather RUN DMC Halloween
Floyd “Money” Mayweather and friends dressed as RUN DMC for Halloween.

The undefeated boxer’s attire choices for Halloween started to get a bit more unique in 2015, wearing a custom-made “Dead Presidents” costume with his face painted all white, and of course, surrounded by loads of cash. Floyd was Iron Man the following year, and perhaps his strangest costume of all was his 2017 Sylvester the Cat fit, followed by a gladiator and the Riddler. He will, without a doubt, attempt to top his previous costumes this year.

Mayweather Halloween Dead Presidents
Floyd “Money” Mayweather dressed as “Dead Presidents” for Halloween.
Mayweather Iron Man
Floyd “Money” Mayweather dressed up as Iron Man for Halloween.
Mayweather Halloween 2017
Floyd “Money” Mayweather during Halloween 2017.

Boxers all around the world love the spotlight and Halloween gives them a platform to exploit their fame by transforming themselves into something else. As social media continues to grow, boxers will undoubtedly keep dressing up to show off for their fans. Let’s hope this year gives us a lot to talk about when it comes to the best costumes worn by our favorite fighters in the world.

Which has been your favorite costume worn by a top world boxer?