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Boxers are some of the most disciplined athletes. Let’s not forget they got where they are through a series of intensive training, building their psyche periodically and doing the right diet. Boxing training gives you endurance, strength and speed. If you’re just starting out  here are 4 essential workouts you can try:

  1. Jump rope. Let’s start with the adequate warm up, this is the best way to improve balance and  footwork, it also  helps you control your breathing efficiency.
  2. Shadowboxing. Done with the right goals in mind, shadowboxing can improve your boxing technique. It is great to practice at home or even right before a fight. Set your mind on your opponent or the abilities you want to enhance and really take the habit of doing until you master said goals and set a new one.
  3. Heavy bag. This is perfect for beginners, it helps you with the overall coordination, footwork and punching power. After practicing for some time, you can try the speed bag.
  4. Sparring. One of the best ways to learn how to fight, training with a partner is a great way to know your own limits and techniques.  Take note of your reflexes, endurance, jabs, and even your footwork.

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