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How to choose the correct glove

There is a wide selection of gloves, different styles, weight and colors. If you are wondering which is the best glove for your here we show you how to find it!

First you need to know the type of gloves:

Professional Boxing Gloves: They are specially made for boxing matches, with special materials and weights. If you weight between 105 and 147 lbs you need a 8 oz glove, if you weigh more than 154 lbs you need a 10 oz glove. Remember these gloves are only for professional boxing fights, Cleto Reyes professional gloves are made to be used a maximum of 32 rounds.

Training Gloves: Specially designed to give you the best protection to your knuckles and wrist. Training gloves come in many styles: traditional lace, hook and loop and Cleto Reyes has also the hybrids (lace and hook and loop at the same time). Training gloves also come in different weights; 12, 14, 16 and 18 oz. You need to choose the correct glove depending on your weight.

  • 12 oz: 105 to 126 lbs.
  • 14 oz: 130 to 145 lbs.
  • 16 oz & 18 oz: 160 lbs and up.

Bag Gloves: Mostly used for heavy bags, punching mitt workout and hitting the speed bag. They are lightweight and create a harder impact. The bag gloves only come by hand size; X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Now that you know the difference between each glove you can make and easier decision, if you are going to practice sparring the training gloves will be the optimum choice. If you’re practicing speed, coordination and mobility the bag gloves can help you out. Got it? Now choose your gloves.

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Amir Khan to fight Manny Pacquiao as boxers agree on terms over clash in Britain in May

“Pacquiao set for clash with former training partner Khan on May 20 with Manchester or Bolton likely venue”

Former training partners Khan and Pacquiao are understood to have agreed terms to face each other in Britain in what would be one of the most eagerly-anticipated fights of the year.

Khan has been pushing for a career defining clash with either Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather for years and now looks to have finally got his wish.

And according to The Times, the pair will go head-to-head later this year with the Manchester Arena or Bolton’s Macron Stadium the venue to host the bout.

Khan has not fought since he was knocked out challenging Saul Alvarez for the WBC middleweight title in Las Vegas last May.

Since then the 30-year-old has taken time off to recover from an operation to repair a damaged hand – which Khan revealed to The Sun meant he had been fighting with a broken bone for 13 years.

But after looking for a high profile match to greet his return top the ring, it seems he may have come up trumps with about against the popular Filipino.

Talks took place with promoter Eddie Hearn over a huge all-British clash with Kell Brook but no deal could be agreed amid claims Khan was holding out for too much money.

Now it seems the former world light-welterweight champion will get the A-list opponent he has been searching for in the shape of Pacquiao.

Verbal agreements have been reached between both camps, with just official contracts now needing to be signed.

And though at 38 Pacquaio is no longer at the peak of his powers, he is still regarded as one of the sport’s biggest names and getting him to fight in the UK will be a huge attraction to British boxing fans.

He has been crowned world champion across eight divisions and is regarded as one of the greatest fighters boxing has ever seen.

Last November he was crowned WBO welterweight champion when he cruised to a comfortable unanimous decision to beat Jessi Vargas in Vegas.

Khan and Pacquiao know each other well after their time working together under Freddie Roach in Hollywood, when they sparred hundreds of rounds together.

At the time Roach insisted they would not fight each other, but Khan’s switch to work under Virgil Hunter in 2012 has made the bout possible.

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Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko is a fight that got called as “Battle of the Titans”. They fought for the for the WBC, IBO, The Ring and Lineal Heavyweight Championships.

Klitschko was the underdog in the fight and he had a great start, he was the aggressor in the first two rounds and landed some good shots on Lennox Lewis. In the third round Lewis landed a punch that opened up a deep cut on Vitali’s left eye.

They both kept fighting landed great punches, but Vitali’s eye kept getting worse, Lewis took advantage of this and and did several consecutive hard punches to Vitali’s ribs. By the sixth round both fighter looked really tired. In round number seven the ringside doctors determined that the damage of Vitali’s eye was to severe and they stopped the fight. They says that Vitali had better card results and that he was winning, so when they gave the fight to Lewis the people proceed to boo the fighter and cheer Vitali.

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As a boxer or not is really important to work the part of your abs and target those muscles. Is very important to have a strong core, this will provide you a lot of benefits like power punching and strength. When you throw a punch you need all your body to move, it starts from the bottom to your legs, hips up to your core and finally rotating your upper body and throwing the punch. If you have a stronger core your punches will be more powerful.

Learn some basic ab exercises that will help you get the optimal abdominal workout that  you need.

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Who is next for Lomachenko?

After betting Jason Sosa on April 8th in a 9 round stoppage win the question is: Who is next for him?

He is being claimed as the best world pound-for-pound fighter. He has a fast boxing style and a professional career of 8-1-6 KO’s. Five names appear on the list to fight Vasyl Lomachenko.

  1. Orlando Salido (43-13-4, 30 KOs, 1 NC): They already had a fight, the only loss of Vasyl and Bob Arum said he wants to do the rematch, of course Vasyl totally agrees.
  2. Jezreel Corrales (21-1, 8 KOs, 1 NC): If Lomachenko’s priority is to unify belts, then Jezreel is the next best option for this, he is the WBA world super-featherweight champion.
  3. Terry Flanagan (33-0, 13 KOs): Vasyl Lomachenko could challenge Flanagan for his WBO lightweight title. Flanagan’s promoter Frank Warren even had talks with Lomachenko’s promoter Top Rank before Saturday, when Flanagan was also in action.
  4. Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs): He is a three weight world champion and he just one the WBC lightweight belt by knocking out Dejan Zlaticanin in January.
  5. Terence Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs): Lomachenko already said that he is working his way to get that fight, he believes people wants to see that fight happen. Terence will defend his WBO and WBC world titles against Felix Diaz on May 20.

Who do you think is the best match? You can vote at ESPN:



Hand wraps? How do a I put them on?

If you are having struggles at the moment of putting your hand wraps here is a quick tutorial of the right way to do it. They are many styles to use hand wraps, this is the best protective and professional way to use them. Let’s try it!

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After his fight with Daniel Jacobs where he ended up winning and now is the number first middleweight champion there is still same names on the list for his next fight. Not only does Canelo Alvarez appears on this list, a fight that we have been waiting for almost a year and no date or negotiation seems to happen. The briton Billy Joe Saunders is also on the list he has the only belt that GGG doesn’t have and wants. The goal of Golovkin is to have all the belts of his division and Saunders has one of them.

We also find Daniel Jacobs again, why not have a rematch in the future? We all saw how Daniel Jacobs has been one of the few who can make GGG make it till the 12th round.

Finally we have Eubank Jr. who pull out of fighting Golovkin in September of last year. He preferred and easier fight, but has not yet stopped thinking of making his fight with GGG happen.

Who do you think he should fight next?

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One of the most important activities you need to do before training is warming up correctly. Usually we see a lot of people in the gym or in any training just coming in and starting to do weights, crunches and more…do not do this! You always need to warm up.

Why do we need to warm up before training?

Thru the day your muscles have been resting so they are going to be really tight (more if is really cold outside). So if you start training immediately one of you muscles could snap or you can pull a muscle like they say. You need to warm up your body to prepare your joints and muscles for training, it’s going to help your flexibility and prevent injuries and…who likes injuries? NOBODY.

Simple warm up routine:

  • Neck roll (Roll your neck to the sides and front.)
  • Shoulder stretch (Pull your elbows to the back of your head.)
  • 2-4 minutes of jumping rope
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 6 lunges on each leg
  • 10 hip extensions
  • 10 forward leg swings (Try to touch your foot with your hand.)
  • 10 side leg swings

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Breathing is really important! Sometimes we don’t notice but improper breathing can make you get tired sooner and faster. When you are punching you need to take a breath before the punch or combination and as you begin to throw the punch breath out, then just repeat: breath and breath out, breath and breath out. Simple right? Don’t forget it.

Keeping this steps will help you increase not only your endurance but your punching power!


As boxers the hands are very important but we must not forget the feet. The movement of your feet will make you faster to move in or out of the way when a punch is coming or when you need to get near your opponent. The footwork is very important not only when your fighting or sparring but when your training and hitting the bag, you always need to be light and not put too much weight on your front foot because you could lose balance easily and go directly to the mat.


We all have our favorite combination but that doesn’t mean we only practice or do one combination. We need to work on different movements, combinations of not only 1 or 2 punches but three or more, doing combinations of three punches for example will have more power that if you only throw a single punch.

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