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5 green and healthy recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Green, green, green! Saint Patty season is here, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with the color green. Besides, it’s the only way to avoid getting pinched on March 17th.

Many people will celebrate this time by eating hot wings, pizza and drink a lot of beer. Most athletes, though, will likely stick to their diet but want to add a bit of something special to celebrate the holiday.

For those athletes, here are five green and healthy recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

1. Green Pancakes – Serves 4

To make green pancakes, mix four cups of spinach with two large eggs, one tablespoon of coconut oil, one of vanilla extract, and one of honey. Then add a half cup of milk and a half cup plain yogurt. Blend the ingredients until it reaches a green color and smooth consistency.

Mix baking powder, flour, and salt into the green batter until it’s perfectly combined. If the mixture is too viscous, add more milk for a smoother texture. Finally, pour the batter into the pan and cook until they’re crispy with a light brown color mixed in with the green.

2. Guacamole – Serves 4

Guacamole is relatively simple to make, and you can make a lot of it in no time. Just mash four avocados in a bowl until it is chunky, yet smooth. Add one lime, one chopped onion, two chopped Roma tomatoes, one tablespoon of salt, and mix it all up. Now all you need are chips!

3. Baked Garlic Parmesan Green Beans – Serves 4

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Whisk two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, two teaspoons of minced garlic, one beaten egg, and half a teaspoon of garlic salt in a large bowl and add 12 ounces of green beans. Then add a third of a cup of parmesan cheese on top of the green beans. Place the ingredients on a greased baking sheet and bake for 15 minutes.

4. Green Smoothie – Serves 1

A green smoothie is a perfect way to kickstart anybody’s day. Add one cup of spinach and one cup of water in a blender. Blend until it looks like green water with no chunks. Add one frozen banana, half a cup of mango, and half a cup of pineapple to the blender. Blend for one more minute and enjoy!

5. Avocado Deviled Eggs – Serves 2

Cut six hard-boiled eggs in halves length-wise and move the yolk into another bowl. Add half an avocado to the bowl with the yolks and mash until smooth.

Stir in two tablespoons of minced, red onion and two of minced cilantro along with a pinch of salt, a quarter tablespoon of garlic salt, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Add two tablespoons of lime juice and stir until combined.

Serve the mixture into the halves and refrigerate for two hours before eating for maximized deliciousness.

St. Patrick’s Day Food For Everyone!

Now that you know a few green and healthy ideas for party favors or to continue a wholesome lifestyle go to your local supermarket to get all the ingredients for these St. Patrick’s Day recipes!


These Presidents Loved Boxing And Were Pretty Good At It

There are many things that we as citizens don’t know about the men who have sat in the chair at the oval office. Presidents of the United States of America serve and protect an entire nation, and some of them were even good at defending themselves. These three former presidents not only loved boxing but were pretty good at it, too.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower was one of the most formidable men of his time and boxing had a lot to do with his discipline. He was a five-star general during World War II and once served as the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe. After becoming the 34th POTUS, serving two terms from 1953 to 1961, Eisenhower passed away due to congestive heart failure in ’69.

Eisenhower, famously known as ‘Ike,’ grew up loving boxing and practiced catch wrestling while attending West Point. While at the Academy, his coach was Tom Jenkins, an American heavyweight champion in catch wrestling. Later in life, Ike opted for less physically-challenging hobbies such as golf, reading, card games like poker, and oil painting.

Gerald Ford

Not many Americans think of Ford when naming presidents because he only spent three years in the White House after Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. Jimmy Carter, the 39th POTUS, succeeded Ford, and nobody thought of him ever again. Although his presidency was dull, to say the least, he was an All-American athlete at Yale.

He turned down two offers to play professional football in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. Instead, he became a boxing coach at his alma mater. When he enlisted in the military after Pearl Harbor, he coached nine sports for the troops but focused mainly on boxing and football.

Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt enjoyed boxing when he was younger but had to stop when his retina got severely damaged due to receiving a massive strike to the face. Teddy was always an outgoing person and known to be direct and assertive. During his presidency, he fought corporations and ended monopolies while raising the wages of blue-collar workers.

When Teddy saw master Yamashita Yoshiaki, a famous Japanese Judo mentor, do a routine, he set out to learn the craft. Roosevelt, our 26th president, eventually achieved the Judo rank of third Brown. For those unfamiliar with the art of Judo, this level of accomplishment is not simple to reach, and Roosevelt started at an older age than most.

EXTRA – Warren G. Harding

Although Harding was not a boxer himself, he did like watching fights during a period that boxing was considered a sport for the low-tier social classes. He would often bet on bouts, which people widely frowned upon at the time. In fact, the mere act of crossing films across state lines was illegal, but his love for the sport was too much to care.


While boxing may seem insignificant compared to the feats achieved by these men, it’s safe to say that the sport had something to do with their drive and discipline throughout life. Boxing teaches lessons that would take years to learn outside of the ring. In closing, boxing is life, and these presidents wouldn’t have told you otherwise.


Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love and friendship. Nothing tells that special somebody how much you love them more than a date tailored to what he or she enjoys the most. If that thing is boxing, then here are a few date ideas perfect for any boxing aficionado.

5. Trampoline Park

Forget the customary movie and dinner date that everybody has lived countless of times before. Instead, shoot your adrenaline sky-high and get your heart pumping at a trampoline park. If your partner is an avid boxer, then this place will be tons of fun.

4. Rock-climbing

You don’t want to take a boxer to a sparring session on Valentine’s Day because it will get competitive and it’ll probably feel like work. However, you do want the date to be physically challenging. Hitting a rock-climbing gym is an excellent option.

3. Paintballing

There’s nothing better than the thrill of getting to shoot your significant other during a date. Not with a real weapon, of course, but with a paintball gun, instead. A couple of hours playing warfare will make for an interesting conversation during dinner.

2. Theme Park

The key to an unforgettable date is a lot of face time with the other person, which is why movie theaters just don’t cut it anymore. Go to the theme park of your choice and the long lines will allow for endless conversations. Despite not being a physically-demanding date, the adrenaline rush from rollercoasters is the next best thing.

1. Snowboarding

Drive up to the snowy mountains or an artificial snow slope to snowboard, ski, or sled. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to get close to your date, and it could very well be a new learning experience. There’s also the chance of a snowball fight occurring, and who doesn’t love those?


If you don’t feel like getting sweaty in front of your partner on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry. The following ideas of what to do on this particular occasion will undoubtedly work out in your favor, as well.

Cooking Lesson – Much of a boxer’s regimen consists of eating clean and healthy, so although a cooking class may seem a bit dull, it will stick with your lover for life. Learning something new with your boyfriend or girlfriend will bring the two of you closer together. Plus, you’ll probably get home cooked meals a lot more often than before.

Spa – A boxer’s body is regularly sore and tired from training. Treating your Valentine’s date to a day at a spa will have him or her thanking you for a long time to come. After the visit, they’ll forever associate you with the feeling of relaxation.

Sunset At The Beach – The traditional date of a picnic while watching the sunset at the beach can do no harm when done correctly. Always make sure to bring enough wine and cheese to last the entire evening. If night falls and you’re still at the beach, a bonfire never fails to set a romantic tone.

Any of these date ideas make for a fun-filled day with your other half. The adrenaline rush will have your main squeeze longing to spend more time with you. As long as they’re as tough as a boxer, of course.


Improve your Relationship with Boxing

Boxing is an excellent sport for couples looking to exercise with a partner. It is a discipline that women, just like men, love for its extremeness, dynamism, and accessibility.

Therapists believe that couples boxing each other benefits their relationship. They say that when romantic partners release their contained animosity towards each other in a physically healthy way like boxing, it leads to less verbal fights in a relationship.

Coed Boxing

It was not until the start of the 21st century that men accepted the fact that women wanted to be boxers as well. Since then, coed fighting grew at a furious pace, especially when it comes to couples sparring with each other.

Strict rules set in stone before sparring is the reason coed combat works today. Women hit men substantially harder than men punch them, and sometimes, men do not punch women by any means.

In any case, that does not mean the men are not getting a proper exercise when fighting a female opponent. They consider it time well spent improving their defensive moves like bobbing and weaving.

When it comes to women sparring with a male partner, some feel enormously empowered when they succeed. Many professional and amateur female boxers like their male partner to punch them harder to improve their blocking and increase their pain tolerance.

Coed Sparring Critics And Alternatives

Despite the rise in couples sparring with each other throughout the past decade, some critics believe this practice could lead to relationship problems. Some say that accidents happen in the ring all the time and that a romantic partner might not be able to get over the fact their mate did such a thing to them.

Most men, however, tend to hold back when training with a woman, trying to avoid inflicting any pain on them. Many of these men are only boxing for exercise and doing it alongside their romantic partner makes it much better.

Punching time in the ring is only one component of a legitimate boxing regimens. There are numerous elements to boxing training with a partner, including speed drills, jumping rope, and hitting the punching bag to gain strength.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spar with your significant other, you can take boxing classes together that incorporate those exercises mentioned above. Rec centers offer sparring courses to train together, hitting punching bags with each other, yet never scrapping with one another.

Meeting New People Through Boxing

Not only is boxing a surefire way of getting closer to your significant other, but it can help you find your next date if you are recently single. Meeting new people is part of joining a boxing gym, and you will already have something in common with everybody there.

If you have never picked up a pair of boxing gloves in your life but are interested in implementing this new activity into your life, do not wait any longer. The sooner you start your road to a better you through boxing, the quicker you can meet new people or improve your current amorous relationship.


5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boxing Fans

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and everyone is trying to find the perfect present for their significant others. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a boxer or a fan of boxing, these five gifts will be ideal for them this February 14th.


  1. Boxing T-Shirts

No boxer can get enough boxing t-shirts for training. If your love interest is a gym rat and trains regularly, he or she will probably need more shirts to sweat all over in no time. 

While it is not the most romantic gift in the book, choosing a shirt that matches their personality and goals in the ring will make them feel appreciated. Do, however, avoid getting them a plain white tee with no particular message at all.


  1. Boxing Gym Membership

When it comes to a practical Valentine’s Day gift, there’s nothing better than paying a boxing gym membership for your spouse. If your other half already pays a monthly fee for a boxing gym, then give an advance for the month after that. 

Not only will you be giving your boyfriend or girlfriend the gift of boxing, but they’ll be thinking of you every day they train. If your significant other has an annual membership at their gym, maybe you can pay for individual training sessions.


  1. Boxing Training Gloves


Anyone who boxes needs new training gloves even if they already have a pair, a boxer can never get enough of them. Find out what kind of gloves your partner likes, and make a decision based on what they tell you.

If you don’t want to ruin the Valentine’s Day surprise, though, a boxer can never go wrong with a pair of Cleto Reyes training gloves. They are some of the best gloves available, made of 100% leather and with waterproof nylon padding.


  1. Boxing Movies

There is nothing that couples love more than watching movies together, so if your significant other is a boxing fan, indulge them with a special treat for them this Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift would be buying a boxing classic and watching it together that night.

The undeniable classics of ‘Rocky’ starring Sylvester Stallone will have any boxing fan cheering for the main character in no time. Will Smith’s role as Muhammed Ali is also perfect for a boxing fan or ‘Million Dollar Baby’ for the lady boxer in your life.


  1. Boxing Equipment


From heavy bags to jump ropes to mouth-gears, any boxer will benefit from such a gift. While most fighters always have the essentials ready, there’s still equipment that they can continuously need more of, like hand wraps, towels, shoes, and even gym bags.

If your significant other is barely starting out and you want to help them succeed in boxing, getting them a punching bag, speed bag, or other gear like body shields and mitts, will truly motivate them to continue.



Although this gift might not be an option for everybody, if you can afford it, there is no better present for a boxing fan than going to a fight in Las Vegas. Happy Valentine’s Day!





A knockout is of the the most exciting things in boxing, basically al boxers are looking for this in a fight. Everybody has his own favorite knockouts depending on the fighters, history and more. Through the years we have the best 5 knockouts till this day.

  • Thomas Hearns vs Roberto Duran: Hearns unloads a powerful punch sending Duran to the floor for the second time in the first round.
  • Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton: On the second round Hatton collapsed onto to his back as the ref waived off the fight immediately.
  • Juan Manuel Marquez vs Manny Pacquiao IV: One of the best and surprising knockouts in history. After 6 rounds of both fighters trading heavy punches Pacquiao lunged in at Marquez but Marquez dipped his head out of the way and threw a powerful punch sending Pacquiao to the canvas.


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