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Canelo vs. GGG Canceled, De La Hoya vs. McGregor Step In 

APRIL FOOL’S joke! 😀

Following a stalemate in their first fight, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennady ‘GGG’ Golovkin were ready to face off on May 5, 2018. After Alvarez tested positive for a banned substance, though, ‘Canelo vs. GGG II’ got canceled.

With no Pay-Per-View event lined up for a day like ‘Cinco de Mayo,’ boxing promoters went to great lengths to set up a new fight in a matter of days. Since Billy Joe Saunders rejected Canelo’s spot on the ring, Conor McGregor will get to return to the boxing arena one more time.

Fearing he would lose credibility, GGG decided to opt out of the fight if his rival was to be McGregor. The Irishman said he didn’t care who he boxed as long as he got to redeem himself after a wobbly ending to his boxing debut against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

In steps Oscar De La Hoya, who previously stated he could knock Conor McGregor out in two rounds. De La Hoya says he’s in the best shape of his life, and despite age, he says he feels faster, stronger, and better in all aspects.

“You know I’m competitive,” said the Golden Boy on his digital radio show. “I still have it in me. I’ve been secretly training, secretly training. I’m faster than ever and stronger than ever. I know I can take out Conor McGregor in two rounds.”

Without much time to prepare and to stick to his word, Oscar is getting back on the ring. “I’ll come back for that fight. Two rounds. Just one more. I’m calling him out. Two rounds, that’s all I need. That’s all I’m going to say. You heard it on Golden Boy Radio. Two rounds, that’s all I need.”

De La Hoya [39-6, 30 KOs] hopes to come out of retirement to reach his 40th professional victory as a boxer, but McGregor won’t make it easy for him. The Irishman showed against Floyd that he could last up to ten rounds being competitive, so two might not be enough for Oscar to get a KO.

This bout will take place at the MGM in Las Vegas on May 5, 2018. Fans with tickets to ‘Canelo vs. GGG II’ have the option of getting a refund or watching the new main event.

Perhaps the best thing about this fight for McGregor is that he’ll get to use Mexican gloves. When he fought Mayweather, the contract stated that Mexican-made gloves were not allowed and no gloves made from horse hair.

McGregor expressed his love for the Cleto Reyes brand before the Mayweather fight, and will now be able to use the lighter, handmade Mexican pair. De La Hoya is still unsure about which gloves best suit him for this head-to-head with McGregor.

If you want to watch the fight for free, then feel free to tune in to a parallel universe where this is true. Because if you read this far, then now you know this is nothing but an APRIL FOOL’S joke! 😀


Conor McGregor: Irishman Loves Cleto Reyes Gloves

Conor McGregor was born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1988, overcoming dire circumstances during his childhood to later reach the pinnacle of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. McGregor’s success is partly due to Dee Devlin, his girlfriend since 2008 and mother of his child, Conor Jack McGregor Jr., who was born on May 5, 2017.

As a child, McGregor played soccer in the poor neighborhood of Crumlin, but eventually found an outlet for his rage in boxing. In his adolescent years, McGregor trained mixed martial arts under John Kavanagh.

He now knows Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Capoeira, and has a black-belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Conor stands at 5’9″ with a reach of 74,” giving him the edge in many fights.

Alongside his fighting ability and reckless comments, McGregor’s notoriety comes from the various tattoos covering his body. His most notable ink is a gorilla on his chest biting a heart as well as his last name and nickname next to a tiger on his stomach.

McGregor turned into the most significant personality in the UFC when he held the lightweight and featherweight titles at the same time in 2016. He eventually got stripped of both belts due to inactivity in the UFC.

Conor gained additional fame after boxing Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2017. Although he lost the bout, the Irishman earned $100 million, becoming one of the wealthiest athletes in the world with a net worth of $172 million.

A couple of days before the fight, while in Mexico, McGregor received a jumbo-sized Cleto Reyes boxing glove as a gift. He then went on a classic Conor trash-talking rant about how much he loved Mexican gloves but that Mayweather feared them.

“You see this Cleto Reyes brand? Floyd went crazy when these were brought up because in the rules and in the contract, no Mexican gloves and no gloves made of horse hairs so he must fear the Mexicans,” McGregor told a Televisa reporter.

“He’s fought a lot of Mexicans in his career,” he continued. “But that was a stipulation that we had in the contract. The gloves must be ten ounce, no Mexican, no horse hair. And then I went, and I start feeling the Mexican gloves.”

McGregor then compared Mexican boxing to the Irish style, saying, “Because I come from a game where the glove is the same. It’s four ounces. And then I start feeling the Mexican glove and how it feels. And it’s a crazy glove. The Mexicans are like the Irish. We love a good fight. So thank you so much for this. Viva la Mexico!”

Speculation over an MMA showdown between Mayweather and McGregor recently caught traction, with the Irishman as the favorite. UFC’s President Dana White, however, would rather see McGregor return to the ring with a fight against the winner of the upcoming match-up between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Whatever happens, Conor McGregor will keep giving the media and the fans something to talk about for years to come. After all, he will never stop being Notorious.



Remember What You’re Working For, Don’t Drink If You’re Training For A Fight

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s important to talk about the harm excess alcohol can have while you’re training. Friends and family will want to binge-drink all night, but real boxers should understand the consequences before getting wasted.

Although some kinds of alcohol can likely benefit the body due to their anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants, Professor David Cameron-Smith says broccoli and brussels sprouts have even more health benefits.

Therefore, he believes that consuming alcohol for its antioxidants is not a justification. “Some forms of alcohol are indeed full of excellent and beneficial antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that have interesting biological effects,” he stated.

“But the same can be said for broccoli, brussels sprouts and a whole host of fruits and vegetables. Drinking alcohol for antioxidants is an excuse – plain and simple. Eat better and eat your veggies and fruit.”

Professor David Cameron-Smith of the University of Auckland studied the effects of alcohol on athletes. He says that although most people are aware of the harmful impact alcohol has when consumed the night before a sporting event, that not everyone understands the effects it has on your when training.

“One of the key determinants of success is not just event-day performance, but the continuous gains and improvements that are made through the long, arduous grind of training,” he said.

Drinking alcohol can make you more likely to get injured because it alters your sleep cycle, reducing your body’s ability to store glycogen. It also increases the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, disrupting the healing.

The levels of the human growth hormone decrease by as much as 70% when introduced to cortisol. Alcohol also releases a toxin from your liver that attacks your testosterone.

Any alcohol will dehydrate your body for days when binge-drinking. Dehydration leads to strains, cramps, and muscle pulls and strains, plus you’ll feel a lot less hungry, which will take away from the calories you need to train at full throttle.

In the case that you do get drunk this St. Patrick’s Day, drink tons of water the next few days because the alcohol will hurt the water balance in the cells of your muscles.

Research also shows that alcohol affects the body’s most significant tissue – the skeletal muscle – the most. Alcohol reduces the muscle protein synthesis up to a third, which should alarm any determined boxer.

When celebrating this holiday with your loved ones, remember all your hard work and determination. Remember all the hours you’ve put in at the gym to be the best boxer you can be.

Drinking for one night is not worth ruining weeks of preparation for that next time you step into the ring. There might be a moment during your training when you feel like giving up and having a drink, but just know that a six-pack could make you lose months of progress.