5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boxing Fans

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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boxing Fans

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and everyone is trying to find the perfect present for their significant others. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a boxer or a fan of boxing, these five gifts will be ideal for them this February 14th.


  1. Boxing T-Shirts

No boxer can get enough boxing t-shirts for training. If your love interest is a gym rat and trains regularly, he or she will probably need more shirts to sweat all over in no time. 

While it is not the most romantic gift in the book, choosing a shirt that matches their personality and goals in the ring will make them feel appreciated. Do, however, avoid getting them a plain white tee with no particular message at all.


  1. Boxing Gym Membership

When it comes to a practical Valentine’s Day gift, there’s nothing better than paying a boxing gym membership for your spouse. If your other half already pays a monthly fee for a boxing gym, then give an advance for the month after that. 

Not only will you be giving your boyfriend or girlfriend the gift of boxing, but they’ll be thinking of you every day they train. If your significant other has an annual membership at their gym, maybe you can pay for individual training sessions.


  1. Boxing Training Gloves


Anyone who boxes needs new training gloves even if they already have a pair, a boxer can never get enough of them. Find out what kind of gloves your partner likes, and make a decision based on what they tell you.

If you don’t want to ruin the Valentine’s Day surprise, though, a boxer can never go wrong with a pair of Cleto Reyes training gloves. They are some of the best gloves available, made of 100% leather and with waterproof nylon padding.


  1. Boxing Movies

There is nothing that couples love more than watching movies together, so if your significant other is a boxing fan, indulge them with a special treat for them this Valentine’s Day. A perfect gift would be buying a boxing classic and watching it together that night.

The undeniable classics of ‘Rocky’ starring Sylvester Stallone will have any boxing fan cheering for the main character in no time. Will Smith’s role as Muhammed Ali is also perfect for a boxing fan or ‘Million Dollar Baby’ for the lady boxer in your life.


  1. Boxing Equipment


From heavy bags to jump ropes to mouth-gears, any boxer will benefit from such a gift. While most fighters always have the essentials ready, there’s still equipment that they can continuously need more of, like hand wraps, towels, shoes, and even gym bags.

If your significant other is barely starting out and you want to help them succeed in boxing, getting them a punching bag, speed bag, or other gear like body shields and mitts, will truly motivate them to continue.



Although this gift might not be an option for everybody, if you can afford it, there is no better present for a boxing fan than going to a fight in Las Vegas. Happy Valentine’s Day!