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How to keep my gloves clean?

We like boxing but who likes to smell bad? Nobody! Of course is part of the sport, but there is many ways you can keep your boxing gloves clean and help them last even more time.

When you are done training you leave your gloves with a little bit of sweat (some of us with a LOT of sweat) and this can make the smell a little bad, more if we let the gloves inside our boxing gym. So here are a few tips that you can practice:

  1. Don’t leave your boxing gloves inside the gym bag, if they have sweat the bacterias are going to create bad odors.
  2. Wipe the sweat or extra moisture from the inside and outside with a cloth.
  3. Let you gloves get some air, but never leave them in the sun, this can damage the leather.
  4. Always use hand wraps this can help absorb most of the sweat and prevent your gloves of getting to wet.

This simple tips can help you keep you gloves cleaner!


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